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Brandon Wiley - Gardner Realtors

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Brandon Wiley

Is a first generation realtor. Born and raised in the lower ninth ward, his close niched family celebrated for any occasion with skillfully crafted, delicious New Orleans dishes. With his mother and grandmother as his teachers, he picked up the craft of cooking at a young age and carried it into his adult life becoming the first professional chef in his family.                       When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the gulf coast, he and his family lost everything. Seeing the devastation and watching countless others go through the same loss, he decided that one day he would do something to help. It wasn't long after that when Brandon realized how many people he could help through real estate and decide to get licensed. 

"I just want to help as many people as possible get into homes. By devoting my time to helping the people of New Orleans and surrounding areas, I can help get people to a place they can call home. Whether it's someone's first or fifth home my goal is to help people get to enjoy the comfort of owning a home. If we can help people buy homes, we can rebuild our community and make it better than ever for everyone."


Brandon has connections to the very best real estate professionals through his worldwide, invitation only network. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World includes over 500 market-leading real estate firms. The network sells over a million homes per year through strategic buyer-seller connections. Brandon has access to world class marketing and resources through his relationship with Gardner Realtors and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. Let him provide you with the very best of everything from service, to advertising, to education on your journey to owning a home and ultimately bringing life back to New Orleans. You matter here.