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Carolina McConnell - Gardner Realtors

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About Me

Carolina McConnell wants to make a difference in her community of New Orleans. From a young age, she achieved a Bachelor's Degree in law from her hometown (Brazil), and it was only the beginning of her adult life.  Then, she decided to study abroad to learn the language more proficiently while immersed in the culture. After moving to New orleans, it became her home, and she married a native new orleanian, and started the home buying process. During that time, she realized the differences between Gardner Realtors and others companies, she decided to be a Realtor at Gardner. Believe, Carolina can offer so much to make your real estate transaction as easier is possible. 

She believes and follows the "Golden Rule", and by working with the most successful local (non-franchised) real estate company in the Metro New Orleans, Greater Baton Rouge and Mississippi Gulf Coast Region, let her help to create the life you love.


Carolina McConnell - Lakeview office

Cel: 504 577 1436

Office: 504 288 4100 x3047