5 Reasons Why Your Realtor Is Valuable

5 Reasons Why Your Realtor Is Valuable

Whether you are in search of an experienced realtor or thinking of listing a home by yourself, here are just a few reasons on why working with a professional will add value to the process. 

Reason #1: 

We have access to a large database with over thousands of realtors with thousands of buyers and a wide variety of properties. This means that your listing will spend less time on the market because of the high volume in traffic and your search for the perfect home will be at your fingertips. This provides more marketing than Zillow, Trulia, and Facebook combined. 

Reason #2:

We have the negotiation skills to get you through and over ANY obstacle that may arise. Some examples of our powerful negotiation skills would be to get YOU the best and highest asking price for your home or negotiating major repairs to be fixed before purchasing the home. If you were working alone, these examples may seem too difficult to address or you may be unsure of how to go about it.   

Reason #3:

We have the TIME to market your property and to hold open houses on days you may be occupied with other things in your life. We have time to attend the home inspection or do a walk through when a prospective buyer wants to view the home. Life gets in the way and that's why we are here to take over the reigns. 

Reason #4:

We understand the laws behind real estate. We know when to provide specific forms to buyers and sellers. For example, a Lead based paint disclosure must be given to all buyers for any home that was built before 1978. Without knowing about these documents or getting them properly signed by the correct party, you are putting yourself at a great risk of legal action. 

Reason #5:

We fully understand the process from beginning to end starting from becoming pre-qualified, all things in the middle, and what it takes to get to the closing table. It's wise to hire a professional who understands this business and can care, protect, and guide through the entire process smoothly. 

These are just some of the main reasons why Realtor's add value to process whether you are listing a home or looking to purchase one. Hire someone you know and trust to keep the process going smoothly and without any hiccups in the road.