Published on 02/12/19 by Michael A. Newcomer

In today's digital age, virtually anything and everything you want can be found online.  You can even buy a car from a virtual 'vending machine' and have it delivered right to your door!  The same is true with your next home, minus the front door delivery.  Unfortunately that ended when Sears Roebuck stopped selling starter home packages somewhere around 1940.

In today's virtual marketplace, there are any number of sites at your fingertips to look for your next dream home.  Zillow captures the market with an average of 36 million users a month, followed by Trulia with 23 million, Yahoo Homes (who knew?) with 20 million and then at 18 million.  The next on the list would be Redfin at about 6 million users per month, but that is for a different blog.  *Data drawn from

Window shopping for a home is very different than actually physically touring a home.  If the listing agent is worth their proverbial salt, they will have professional photos taken that highlight and capture only the best aspects of the home.  What you don't see is that weird floor molding running throughout the house or the lack of proper closet space or the tile in the bathroom that got installed around that same time Sears Roebuck stopped selling.

Buyers who don't use the services of a Realtor® miss out on the benefit of a true professional who can put the puzzle pieces together of that one perfect home you found while flipping through options on your phone.  They are the experts on the ground who understand all of the nuances of a particular market that cannot be captured in a scrolling listing off of any real estate site.  A car is a car.  If it's new, you get exactly what you shopped for.  A house?  Not so much.

As a real estate professional, I love when my buyer clients come to me with a house they found.  Not only because I know it is sent to me with excitement, but also because it tells me that they are actively on the hunt for their next home.  There are so many sites and apps, it doesn't matter to me which one you use, as long as you put your trust in me at the end to guide you to that point where you are putting your key into the front door of your new home!

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